The Friends of Elk Rock Garden

The Mission of the Friends of Elk Rock Garden:

  • To preserve historic Elk Rock Garden as a private English landscape garden open to the public;
  • To protect its rare and unusual collection of plants and its tranquil character; and
  • To perpetuate the garden created by Peter Kerr for the enjoyment of future generations.

How Can You Help?

Elk Rock Garden is maintained with funds from an endowment. You can make a contribution to the garden fund, you can become a member of the Friends of Elk Rock Garden, or you can put a donation in the box at the visitor center.

Friends of Elk Rock Garden Membership Levels:

  • Sequoia Members…….($500)
  • Magnolia Members……($250-499)
  • Friends………………….($100-249)

Your contributions make a difference at Elk Rock Garden. Thank you.


To find out more about The Friends of Elk Rock Garden or get visitor information, email or write to:

Friends of Elk Rock Garden
PO Box 25023
Portland, Oregon 97298

10 Replies to “The Friends of Elk Rock Garden”

  1. Hello,

    I would like to come for a visit.
    Is your wisteria blooming now or finished? Do you have water lilies or lotuses in the pond?


    Mikiko Flynn

    1. Please do come! It is a beautiful time of year. The wisteria is still blooming. The pond has water lilies and is also home to a delightful group of salamanders.

  2. I once lived near this garden. I loved sitting under the Wisteria and am curious to know if it is
    still growing there.
    Thank you.

    1. Dear Colleen,

      Yes, the wisteria is still growing and providing a lovely space to site at the upper parking lot.

  3. Gorgeous gardens! I must agree with previous commenters however, that the website is very difficult to read. Please change to black print on white!

    1. I am super baffled that there is no address to this park! I don’t even see a city listed other than a PO Box in Portland.
      Seems like really the most basic of information if this is something open to the public. I seem to have scrolled through it all…am I just missing it?

      1. Hi Julie,

        The address is listed (with a map link) under “Directions” near the top of the front (“Welcome”) page of this website.

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